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London Soul Bootcamp

London Soul Bootcamp was founded in 2020 to provide better quality Sports Coaching in the Kensington & Chelsea area.

We work with kids and adults of all ages to help build lifelong skills and confidence through a variety of sporting activities: tennis, fitness circuits, running, football and more. We are all about the active lifestyle and the outdoors.

We have helped 1000+ individuals and given 5000+ hours of coaching since 2020​. We hope to provide you with the best coaching experience you have ever had!

Meet the Founder
Alex Tromp

Hello! I'm Alex.

I've been a sports & nature enthusiast since I was a child; Level 3 Personal Trainer and tennis pro based in London. I studied Engineering at Imperial College but since January 2020, I decided to spend my time doing and teaching what I am most passionate about: sports, and more specifically, tennis.

I believe that movement and physical conditioning should be a part of everyone's life at all ages. Many of us have the desire to live a long, healthy and pain-free life yet we have very minimal understanding of how the body works and rarely explore its full potential. 

At London Soul Bootcamp, our goal is to help you to improve and gain confidence through sport: from beginner to elite level, there is room for everyone on the court. My personal expertise comes in coaching kids and adult tennis players at performance level. Sadly, tennis has seen a decline in participation over the last 20 years especially with kids. My mission is to preserve and promote this sport that I love so dearly.

I hope to see you on court soon!

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