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Corporate Wellness

For enquiries about corporate wellness or to arrange company classes please reach out via email.

The last two years have made us realise more than ever the importance of exercise and movement for our mental health. A person's ability to maintain high levels of productivity over time is a direct representation of their wellbeing and mental state.


At London Soul Bootcamp, we believe that one should move for at least 30min every day in order to maintain good mental health and function in the most optimal way. This could be in the form of stretching at your desk, a brisk walk, a bodyweight home workout etc. Our instructors are trained to provide adapted routines participants follow from home or the office.

Digital Work Life

Please get in touch to learn more about what we offer or to arrange a trial class.
M: +44 7505 040609


Square Stage

All participants must complete the below Health Waiver prior to joining their first class:

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